Personal Training

$129 an hour

$65 a half hour 

Personalized training in strength, endurance or sport specificity.  All strength training is ran through and held at Reston Lifetime VA.

Preferred Coaching Package

$150 Multi Sport

$99 Single Sport 

Training Peaks Account

Emailing and Text Messages 

One 1 hour Meeting a month

Program designed on Power/Heart Rate/VO2 and Race Schedule

General Training Plan


If you are  just looking for a plan to get you started we offer 12, 16 , 20 week general plans to help you get to your race.

Lactate Threshold Testing

$150 for Biking or Running Test

Lactate Threshold testing gives you your lactate thershold, watts on the bike, pace on the run, and heart rate training zones 1-5c. Lactate Threshold testing provides a multidimensional profile of conditioning. Because lactate is produced by the aerobic system, it is the only marker available for measuring both aerobic and anaerobic systems.  The amount of energy an athlete can produce per unit of time depends on the development of both systems, which is why they have to be balanced. Essentially this means training the anaerobic system to a level that is appropriate for the athlete's aerobic capacity.  This balance will depend upon the event for which the athlete is participating in.  The first part of the training cycle focuses on building as strong an aerobic system as possible.  As the athlete gets close to the race or event the anaerobic system will have to fine tuned for a peak performance.

Coach Crow


Our Vo2 Testing Process is a two part testing process.  First a warm up is performed then after a short period the actual test is performed.  When you do the test you get your zones, how your body burns fuels in those zones, your % body fat, your Vo2 score, your specific warm up and an explanation on how to utilize your training zones.  

Resting Metabolic Testing


This test is used to measure an individuals metabolic needs at rest.  Instead of guessing on nutritional needs or how your body is burning fuel - after this test you will know exactly what you need to consume to maintain optimal health.  You will receive how many calories your body burns at rest, how you're burning fats and carbohydrates and how your current diet is effecting your burn rate.​

Continuous VO2 Testing


This test is used to measure an individuals metabolic needs during a race.  Instead of guessing on nutritional needs, after this test you will know exactly what you need to consume for optimal fuel replenishment and optimal race results.

VO2 Testing

$260 (2 hour appointment for test and interpretation, also includes specific cardio workouts to help you improve your VO2)

129 (1 hour appointment for test - recommended for those that understand testing)

​​VO2 or maximal oxygen uptake is the gold standard of exercise testing.  Testing can be either performed on the bike or treadmill.  During testing your Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Volume of Air and Heart Rate are measured.  Your VO2 is used to establish your training zones to be used on the bike or running.  Because your Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide is measured, VO2 testing also gives an accurate measurement of how your body is burning carbohydrates and fats during exercise.  This information can be used to help adjust your eating style to best improve performance.

All test are performed at the Reston Lifetime in VA.    If your ready to get started on your journey then email me at